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   Sep 17

Article in the Napa Register News

Here’s a full article about us in the Napa Register News!

Not only are Pomelov’s microgreens a new product for the Napa Farmers Market, so are her growing practices. She uses organic soil and seed, and waters her greens twice daily with a sea salt solution. This is not the sea salt we use for cooking, but a sea salt that is sun-dried with no rain during the drying process, thus retaining all of the 90 trace minerals.

If you like wheatgrass, her Ocean Grown wheatgrass has all 90 trace minerals available, a terrific boost to your juice or smoothie.

Pomelov is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her growing practices, and after talking to her for a few minutes I had to read more about Dr. Maynard Murray’s pioneering work using sea solids to irrigate croplands, and her mentor Donald Jansen’s more recent work. Be sure to stop by and ask her more about how she grows her delicious microgreens. It is fascinating, and we are lucky to have her greens available for us to enjoy.

Read more here:

Sprouting at the Napa Farmers Market

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